Yoders Canned Bacon

Yoders Canned Bacon
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Bacon. In a can. What? Our minds are blown!

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Sometimes you feel as if the zombie apocalypse is right around the corner. Then sometimes you feel like it's just another typical, lazy Sunday and you don't want to get off the couch. Well, Yoder's Canned Bacon works perfectly for either situation. Whether you're busy fighting for your life by beheading zombies, or being extremely lazy watching cartoons--canned bacon will feed your hunger without much effort!

This bacon is even USDA inspected, so if those zombies start taking over, well... just know that a once-upon-a-time, civilized country approved of this emergency meal. There's some comfort in that, right? And if you have no means of refrigeration, you'll have to eat all the bacon because you have to refrigerate this baby after opening. Which we're sure won't be a problem because bacon is delicious. And if you're busy fighting for survival, you'll need all the protein you can get. Better get your muscles amped up before the apocalypse hits! And... stock up. On Bacon. In a can. It's also great for camping trips

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Salt, Sugar, Smoke Flavoring, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Zombie Fighting Energy

9 oz. Can
40-50 slices of 100% U.S. Bacon
10 Year Shelf-Life (If you survive the zombies long enough).

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Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:4.7
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John, Florida
Good bacon. Nice flavor! A little thin, but great for camping. Nice to keep in the cupboard for emergencies or plain laziness.
Richard Martin, Marion
Bacon in a can. Loved it.
Mikey, Los Angeles, CA
Seriously, what could be better than bacon in a can. Nothing. Bacon is awesome on its own and long term storage bacon that tastes good is more then this mortal can stand. Its awesomeness is only diminished by the fact I only have 2 cans right now and you can never have to much bacon.
Troy, N/A
Some of the best bacon I've ever had... AND IT CAME FROM A CAN! And to make things even more awesome this was the first solid food my son every ate. Now that's how to start out live on the path to being a man... BACON!!!!!!!
Harold, N/A
I bought this for a camping trip had planned, it was very good. Easy to prepare and tasted great. Had some for breakfast, just opened the can, took the bacon out of the waxed paper and spread it out on a piece of aluminum by the fire and in less than a minute we had fried bacon. I made the mistake of only having one can and offering some to one of the other campers - that was the last I got of it.
June, N/A
This was my first time trying this and LOVE IT!!!
Kay, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
We took this camping. Huge advantage that it needed no refrigeration prior to opening. It was decent quality, though kind of misleading to think you get a lot of bacon. I'd get it again for the convenience - for camping.
Roberta, N/A
This tasted great; and its amazing how much product this little can holds. It's a great room temperature food product for a power outage.
Jack, N/A
Yes "Bacon in a Can" Great Stuff, bought it for the Kids to bring to BSA camp, no it never made it to camp. We had to open it to believe it! Awesome Bacon! And every can there after.
Paul, Washington, DC
I bought this bacon to see how it tastes, need to know if the wife and I will eat it before buying a case of something. I opened the can and out came a an oily roll of wax paper, I know about the product so that doesn't worry me, I just have to wash my hands before and after, same as refrigerated bacon. I unroll the bacon and there are three layers to the roll, they are all folded in half so the full length strips of bacon fit into the height of the can. Each layer of wax paper has 12 or so slices on it, they are thin, not paper thin, but don't expect thick cut slab bacon either. Last thing for you folks out there, my wife liked it, food storage products are hit or miss with her. Four stars because I really like thicker cut bacon, that isn't really the product's fault.
Bart, Longmont, CO
I bought a can for hunting season (on a dare) and found it to be very tasty and a welcome addition to our camp fare. I will be buying more.
Ed, N/A
I'm working on creating a one year supply of long term food storage and before purchasing a significant quantity of a food item such as canned meat, I always get a sample and try it out. This was a good candidate since it has a 10+ year shelf storage life.The bacon slices are very thin and pre-cooked. When I pulled the bacon from the can, I noticed there was a lot of fat, so you have to wash your hands after handling . I sandwiched 7 slices of bacon between paper towels and microwaved for 60 seconds. The end result was crisp, lean, thin, and tasty slices of bacon. Expensive, but a good product to add to my long term food storage. I would only use this product in an emergency situation and for that purpose, give this product a 5 star rating.
MIchael, APO
Quick Delivery, excellent flavor, bacon in a can a real treat.
Travis, West Des Moines, IA
Good bacon!!!