Vosges Mini Dark Chocolate Bar

Vosges Mini Dark Chocolate Bar

Mo's Bacon Bar: Hickory smoked bacon + Alderwood smoked salt + 62% dark chocolate

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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It was surely only a matter of time! Following the huge popularity of Mo's Bacon Bar in deep milk chocolate, this is the newest member of the exotic candy bar family. With the same hickory-smoked bacon and alderwood smoked sea salt as its famous relative, this beautifully rich 62% dark chocolate bar encases these tantalizing flavors. Net wt 1/2 oz.

Sulfite-free hickory-smoked bacon is baked in small batches then chopped into fine nibbles. Alderwood-smoked sea salt exudes a smoky aroma and perfectly offsets the sweetness of the chocolate.

Consume within 6 months.

GLUTEN-FREE product containing less than 20ppm of gluten.
*This is the 1/2 ounce size. It is smaller than the original.
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Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:4.4
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James courtnRa, MN
Chocolate nis top notch,,,
N/A, N/A
Delicious creamy chocolate, crunchy sea salt and definite bacon flavor and aroma without being over powering.
John, N/A
Wasn't what I expected.
Lisa, N/A
The chocolate is wonderful, but I was expecting more smokey bacon taste.
Connor, N/A
This was delicious, but it tasted like regular salted chocolate, no distinctive bacon flavor to be had.
Charlie, N/A
we first ate chunks of fried bacon dipped in chocolate, at a county fair. It was delicious, and this bacon bar comes as close as anything we have tried since then.
Mary, Boston, MA
This chocolate bar is Yum! in a wrapper. I bought it as a lark for my husband, chocolate lover and bacon worshipper, and it's no longer a lark. I'll be buying more. It's wicked good.
N/A, N/A
This was a gift to my boyfriend, and he has had this chocolate before. He really enjoys the quality of the chocolate and the bacon is not too overpowering. Very nice balance of flavor.
Linn, N/A
BEST flavor ever saw on TV had to try we love it. THANKS will order more. Choc was so creamy and dark.