Vosges Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars

Vosges Milk & Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars

Applewood bacon + alderwood salt + chocolate

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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The Bacon Library offers a full education in Bacon + Chocolate. Our original Mo's Bacon Bar in deep milk chocolate (41% cacao) is juxtaposed with its new brother the Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar (62% cacao). Each bar envelops applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt in the chocolate. With two of each bar there is enough to share IF you are willing.

Bacon Library includes: 2 Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar, 2 Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar 3 oz. each
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Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:5
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Stacey, Belleville, IL
Trying this bar was akin to a religious experience. The perfect fusion of chocolate, smoked salt and bacon perpetuates a feeling of awe as you slowly chew a piece of this divinity. The slight crunch of the salt, the smokiness of the delicious bacon pieces and the gentle sweetness of the chocolate combine for a delightful treat. Absolutely delicious and worth every cent.
T. Plenzler, N/A
Totally my favorite candy in the world. 2 great things are even better together. Thank you, Vosges for bringing chocolate to my breakfast meats. :)
C.C., Florida
Mo's Bacon Bar is fantastically delicious.
Cari, Las Vegas, NV
Fabulous chocolate bars. The blend of chocolate and bacon is superb. There are just the right amounts of salt, savory and sweet. This is (by far) my favorite (EVER) chocolate bar. It is rich, creamy and decadent. This bar makes the perfect treat to give yourself for accomplishing something special, for finishing a task at home (or work), after you've had a bad day, after you've had a GOOD day... or give one to yourself in order to celebrate any day which ends with the letter "Y"....