Silicone Microwave Egg Cooker

Silicone Microwave Egg Cooker
Silicone Microwave Egg Cooker - Click to EnlargeSilicone Microwave Egg Cooker - Click to Enlarge
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Sparkly Bacon Ornament
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So your workplace doesn't have a stove. And you really want to have some eggs for lunch. Hey, no big deal! We have the ultimate aid in your work-lunch survival! With this little buddy you can crack open your egg, pour into the middle and place into the microwave. After your egg is cooked, just pull out the Silicone Egg Cooker and you have an egg ready to be eaten! That way you can make an egg sandwich without even leaving your office. And you know that's much healthier than that drive-thru anyway. So go ahead and be ahead of the game with this little egg cooker!
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