Welcome to Bacon Freak Press Release

Welcome to Bacon Freak Press Release

Our bacon is the best! We start with hogs that are raised typically on farms in Kentucky. We select the very best bellies that meat our meticulous standards. We hand cut and cure each piece of meat by hand, we build real hickory fires to smoke our meat ensuring you get the best piece of bacon. Each piece of bacon is hand rubbed with various flavors such as cajun, apple cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla bourbon or sun dried tomato to ensure that you get a burst of flavor when you take a bite.

Though we prepare many of our bacons differently are most note worthy selections use a curing method that was invented by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. Basically the water is extracted from the bacon so that it can last up to 90 days outside of refrigeration which was very important before we had refrigerators. Also I am sure you have heard the saying, “Never fry bacon naked" well with our bacon you can because its dry cured and the water has been extracted so it wont mix with the oil and splatter. See when you cook 1 pound of our bacon you are left with about 14 ounces, when you cook most store bought bacon, they inject it with water to up the weight content. That is why when you cook a pound you are left with about 6 ounces, it is the water mixing with the oil that causes the splatter and makes the mess. Next time you are in the store take a look at a package, the ingredients list will name water first. Not our bacon, its 95% bacon! - Truly a bacon you can fry naked!

Additionally we prepare our meats by hand, we don't use machinery. We take the bellies and trim them to remove most of the fat, most people leave it in. We also use real hickory smoke using real hickory wood and sawdust. We light the fires, get the coals hot and role the coals under the bacon to smoke it. That's not how its done by those companies who mass produce store bought bacon but a requirement of Bacon Freak Bacon!

What is important to know about our bacon is that we use a special curing process that extracts the water ensuring that when you cook a pound of bacon you get a pound of bacon! All mass produced bacon is injected with water to up the weight content, that is why you get so much splatter when you cook as water and oil don't mix. Because of this curing process our bacon can stay outside of refrigeration for up to 90 days. This is the first bacon you can truly cook naked!

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