Pork Jerky Gift Bundle

Pork Jerky Gift Bundle
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Product Description

This Pork Jerky Gift Bundle comes packaged in our Bacon Freak Gift box and is sure to please any jerky lover, including yourself! Bacon Freak Pork Jerky comes in generously-sized 4 oz. packets, much larger than the typical 3.25 oz. size. The other thing that differentiates Bacon Freak Pork Jerky from the competition is what's NOT in our Jerky. It has no preservatives, no nitrites, no artificial colors, no flavor enhancers, no MSG, no high fructose corn syrup, and no ingredients that you can't pronounce. Unlike beef jerky, our Pork Jerky is tender since it's cut from the tenderloin. Flavors may include Sweet & Spicy, Maple, Teriyaki and Western (selections may vary).

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