Piggy Wiggy Bacon Tray

Piggy Wiggy Bacon Tray

Oink Oink!

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Product Description

Cooking bacon in a pan can be very time consuming and messy! But we have the solution to making delicious bacon easily, and quickly! The Piggy Wiggy Bacon Tray! With this tray, you can quickly and easily cook your bacon in the microwave; and the clean-up is much easier than cooking bacon in the pan. No splatter and no pot to scrub. Since this tray is dishwasher safe, just pour out the grease and wash! Cooking bacon has never gotten easier, therefore you don't have an excuse to not eat it everyday!

*Size/Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.5 x 1 inches
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