"It's Not Kosher But It's Tasty" Chanukah Bundle

"It's Not Kosher But It's Tasty" Chanukah Bundle
"It's Not Kosher But It's Tasty" Chanukah Bundle - Click to Enlarge

Because latkes taste better with bacon. Jews for Bacon!

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Product Description

Yes, we know that bacon isn't kosher. We also know that bacon is tasty. And some of us Bacon Freaks are Jewish bacon lovers. Those who celebrate Christmas shouldn't have all the bacon fun! We wanted to create a Hanukkah bundle for those of you Jews who, like us, just can't avoid bacon's seductive lure. This bundle has our delicious Hickory-Smoked Bacon, a Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar, Bacon Seasoning to sprinkle over your latkes, a Bacon Wallet* to stash your cash, and a "Bacon is a Vegetable" t-shirt to show your serious, undying love for bacon. Oy vey!

Our Grandmothers would look at us disapprovingly for wanting to buy this bundle of bacon goodness... But it's such a great deal! Okay, we know that joke was bad... But really, it is a great deal. And nothing says Happy Hanukkah like this bacon bundle! No, seriously. Happy Hanukkah; have some bacon! We think it works, because bacon is just that good. Jews for Bacon Unite!

This bundle includes:
  • Boss Hog Hickory Bacon
  • Vosges Chocolate Bacon Bar
  • Boss Hog Bacon Seasoning
  • "Bacon is a Vegetable" Shirt
  • Bacon Wallet*
  • Luck with Money

  • *Bacon Wallet may be replaced with Maple Bacon Coffee.

    *Does not come with a free gift box. However, you may add the gift box at check out for an additional fee.
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