Kris Kringle's Bacon FlapJack Bundle

Kris Kringle's Bacon FlapJack Bundle
Kris Kringle's Bacon FlapJack Bundle - Click to EnlargeKris Kringle's Bacon FlapJack Bundle - Click to Enlarge

Because bacon and pancakes are actually worth waking up to.

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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It's the holiday season, and baby it's cold outside! It's morning, you're wearing your footsie pajamas and your stomach is making some seriously obscene noises. You need some delicious breakfast food as soon as possible. You want bacon and... Ooh, pancakes! But you only have time for one: Bacon or pancakes. It's quite the conundrum. But, wait! You've just remembered that you have the Kris Kringle's Bacon Flapjack Bundle. Mmm... A bottle of pure Vermont Maple Syrup and two packages of pancake mix. But these aren't just any regular pancake mixes from the grocery store. It's our very own Maple Bacon pancake mix and Gourmet Buttermilk pancake mix. That's right; there's bacon mixed within the pancakes! Now, you don't have to choose. Problem tastily solved.

This bundle includes:
•Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix 8 oz.
•Bacon Freak Gourmet Buttermilk Pancake Mix 12 oz.
•Boss Hog's Fully Cooked Bacon Bits
•Boss Hog's Pure Vermont Dark Amber Maple Syrup 8 oz.
•Included Bacon Freak™ Gift Box
•Flapjack Love

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Frank, Lubbock, TX
Great product.