wants to make sure that you receive your candy in the best possible condition! Some of our items, especially chocolate, will melt over 75 degrees. These items are labeled with "Hot Weather Shipping". Here are 3 helpful tips to keeping your delicious bacon sweets from melting during shipping:

1. Keep Your Sweets Cool by Adding Ice Packs: Any item which show the following Hot Weather Shipping image will contain an ice pack. The quantity included in the shipment is determined by the number of meltable items within the shipment.

While ice packs will already be included in your order, you can add additional ice packs to orders that may melt during shipping. We recommend that during the summer months and hot weather days you take advantage of this option. Ice packs can be purchased HERE.

Please note that ice packs only last on average 1-2 days once packed and shipped. These ice packs keep cool for up to 48 hours once packed. Although ice packs can be added to your shipment to minimize heat exposure, ICE PACKS DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR CANDY FROM MELTING. For optimal use, select both an ice pack as well as expedited shipping options to ensure the safe arrival of your purchase.

2. Take Advantage of Our Expedited Shipping: We highly recommend that you upgrade your shipping for items that may melt. We recommend that you select at least 3-day Select or 2-day Air shipping methods or better. We have negotiated special rates with our shippers and pass our savings on to you, our customers. Our drivers reserves the right to leave or not leave the package depending on the driverís discretion. If you are not usually home during the day, we recommend you leave a note for the driver specifying your wishes. You may also have your candy sent to your work or a neighbor's house.

3. Ship Your Candy Monday Through Wednesday. We ship your candy Monday through Wednesday and do not ship them on Thursday or Friday. Why? Since some shipping carriers do not deliver on weekends, shipping at the beginning of the week ensures that your order is not in transit for excessive amounts of time. Orders shipped later in the week, even with icepacks, may not arrive in the condition they left us.

PLEASE NOTE: cannot be held responsible for any candy product that arrives damaged due to heat regardless of the shipping method selection. No refunds or replacements can be issued on any melted candy product regardless if ice packs/expedited shipping options are or are not selected.

Please fully utilize the suggested options above to minimize heat exposure for candies being shipped. If you have any questions, a customer service representative is available during business hours and can be reached at 1-877-21-BACON.