Fundraising with Bacon Freak

We get contacted daily regarding fundraising options and our answer is always: Yes, of course we would like to help with your fundraiser! Bacon always wants to help out, because bacon is just so generous like that. When your donors purchase products through our special fundraising page, they’ll support your great cause and be rewarded with delicious bacon. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How it works:

  • Supporters will purchase any our Fundraising Bundles using a specific code generated by us for your specific fundraiser. Bacon Freak will then donate a portion of the sales using the code to your cause!

  • To start a fundraiser, contact us and we will create a code that your supporters can use when placing their orders in order for us to track any donations. This alerts us to the fact that a donation purchase has been made.

  • Please contact us to inquire more about this fundraising opportunity and to set up your fundraiser. We will work to accommodate you and your charity.

    Thanks for choosing bacon!