Fight Fat With Fat

Fight Fat With Fat
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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Imagine a “diet book” with a bacon-weave heart on the cover. A diet that promotes eating high-fat foods like bacon, eggs, butter, nuts and avocados to lose weight. Well that diet book is now a reality. “Fight Fat With Fat” by Dr. John Salerno is a weight-loss regime a bacon fan can get behind!

Studies show that the low-fat, fat-free diet fad has been detrimental to health. That’s because it reduces the amount of hunger-satiating fats and replaces them with high-carb, empty calories that do not contribute to a feeling of fullness. Fats are an essential component of the human diet, and “Fight Fat With Fat” eliminates this non-fat nonsense from the American diet.

This book is perfect for the bacon fan who’d like to shed a few pounds. You can still enjoy your beloved bacon and recipes from yours truly like “Dijon Salmon with Bacon & Pecans” and “Bacon-Wrapped Roasted Brussels Sprouts” and lose weight while doing so.

This book is 157 pages and includes more than 50 mouth-watering recipes!
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