Easter Candy Bundle

Easter Candy Bundle

Bacon Candy on Easter? Yes, please!

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Bacon Freak's Fall Recipe Collection
Bacon Freak's Fall Recipe Collection
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Product Description

Forget the colored marshmallow candies shaped like chicks. Forget the chocolate eggs. Forget the chocolate bunnies. Well, maybe you can keep the bunnies... But you definitely need this Easter Candy bundle! Chocolate peanut butter pig bar, maple bacon lollipops, chocolate bacon brittle, bacon buttercrunch toffee, and strawberry gummy candy in the shape of bacon, you'll have anyone on your Easter candy list happy they received pure bacon joy. Chocolate truffles are typical. Bacon chocolates are unique and awesome! So get this delicious candy bundle now!

This Bundle Includes:
  • Boss Hog's Cinnamon Buttercrunch Flavored with Bacon
  • Boss Hog's Chocolate Bacon Brittle
  • Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon
  • Truffle Pig Peanut Butter Bar
  • Man Bait Sweet Maple Bacon Lollipops 5-pack
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