Boss Hog's Blackened Bacon Rub

Boss Hog's Blackened Bacon Rub
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Rub this on Bacon, Ribs, Chops and pump up the flavor... Mmm!

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Boss Hog knows bacon, which is why only organic, quality spices are put into his bacon rubs. This Bacon Rub is the same blend of spices found in our popular "Voodoo Swine Blackened Louisiana" Bacon. Rub it on your uncooked bacon to spice things up. With paprika, black pepper, sugar, garlic, basil and onion, this classic blend will taste delicious not only on bacon, but on salmon, chicken, fish and steak as well. It's got a hint of sweetness and packs a wallop of spicy flavor that isn't overwhelmingly hot. Perfect for fans of Blackened seasoning!

Each jar contains 4 oz. of rub. Jar is 5.5" tall including lid, and has a shaker/pour spout.
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Gayle, Greenwood, SC
A friend of mine in Weight Watchers told me about this website and since I love bacon on my food I thought I would try some seasoning!
Bob Ramsey, Dallas, Ga
I have tried this rub twice so far on my bacon and both my wife and I like it. I found there to be a hint of an unexpected flavor. It wasn't really sweet and it is hard to put a finger on it but then you get a pop of a little spice/heat. I wish I could explain that unexpected flavor better but it is like nothing I have ever tasted before. Unlike the past rub I have used on bacon this rub stuck to the bacon better so there wasn't more seasoning left at the bottom of my cast iron skillet than on the bacon. If you like bacon with an additional pop of flavor I would highly recommend this product