Bendable Mr. Bacon

Bendable Mr. Bacon
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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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This guy clearly needs companionship. Just look at him. He looks like a bacon that needs a big 'ole hug. Wouldn't you say? Although, when you do decide to hug him, maybe you should make sure there aren't any sharp objects around. He looks like he's well adept at wielding sharp things. Hey, wouldn't you too if you were absolutely tasty and addicting? He probably has to fend people off daily. So make sure to wave your white flag when you introduce yourself to Bendy Mr. Bacon!

5-5/8" (14.3 cm) tall figure. This Bacon is made of soft vinyl with bendable arms and legs.
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Overall Rating:4.5
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Jean, Portland, OR
Our family extended across the country has had fun making up tales about Mr. Bacon and his adventures. We have included cousins and offspring to spice up the story. While all adults, it's been a great way to share our weird senses of humor and creativity with each other. We have posted pictures of Mr. Bacon at parties, playing in the snow, at home, with the cat, etc. We have gotten hours of enjoyment from this crazy, bendable toy.
Madsmom, N/A
A friend at work loves bacon so we ordered her this......he is moved from place to place daily, you never know where she may have Mr. Bacon sitting or standing....or attached to.
Chris, N/A
I was a little disappointed because I assumed the body would be bendable not just the arms and legs, like Gumby was. The bacon body was not bendable.
Brandi, N/A
I ordered this for my son because we're always joking about his love of bacon. He loves it! It's a very cute little action figure!
Crystal, N/A
Got this for a friend as a joke but we can't stop playing with it! Mr. Bacon is a gift for all ages.
Kris, N/A
Mr Bacon was peeking out of my daughter's first the reaction was "what the heck is that", followed by the realization that it was a GRINNING SLICE OF BACON. Watching this process in itself was hilarious! Surprisingly of all the big gifts, Mr Bacon was one of the hits! He helped unwrap other gifts, bossed people around, posed with things for photos, was generally a fun party bacon guy! Took a chance on the randomness and was pleasantly surprised by how much a hit Mr Bacon was....the next Gumby?!