Skillet Bacon Spread

Skillet Bacon Spread
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Bacon you can spread! We're serious.

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Product Description

Did you say, "spreadable bacon?" Bacon... jam? Wait, we might need a moment to gather ourselves... Okay, we're good now. Yes, it's spreadable, delicious, mouth-watering, succulent, and savory bacon! And you must be asking yourself how this delicious hybrid of food came into existence. We didn't question it because it's just so amazing; but we knew that others would be extremely curious. Well, what happened was a huge vat of supremely delicious bacon got rendered down, a few spices were added, it simmered for six hours, then was given a quick puree and blast chilled then received a sprinkle of fairy dust and... Presto! Spreadable bacon has graced us with its presence. We don't think we've ever heard of anything more delectable. Spread it on a burger, a sandwich, or even your tongue. Go ahead, no one is looking.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients- Bacon (Pork, Water, Salt, Cane and Maple Sugars, Soduim Phosphate, Sodium Nerythorbate, Dexatrose, Sodium Nitrate, Smoke), Onion, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Brown Sugar (sugar, Invert Sugar, Cane Mollasses), Salt, Soy Lecithin, Citrus Flour, Pectin, Black Pepper.

Cooking Instructions

You can Eat it with a Spoon,but it will also go great on Burgers, Sandwhiches, Mashers, and Scrambles! The possiilities are endless!!


Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:4.3
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James, Cartersville ga
bacon lovers already know , now I know it's all about bacon jam. Share with your angel eyes. There's nothing better
Dawn, Los Angeles, CA
This stuff is amazing! I added this to grilled cheese sandwiches and my friends were skeptical, then they ate all the sandwiches and said how much they loved it.
Emily, Arvada, Colorado
I want to put it on everything. SO GOOD!
Mark Anderson, Akron,Ohio
Skillet bacon spread is good, but not quite what l expected. It has other great ingredients that are just as pronounced as the bacon flavor. So bacon is not imediately recognized, but all in all it is still a pretty decent spread.
Brenda D Boyer, New Iberia
I shared the Bacon Spread with my family and they all loved it!
J. Day, York, PA
Didn't care for this at all. Taste was very sweet. Would like it to have more of a bacon flavor. Boyfriend's son liked it, used it on hamburgers.
T. Johnson, N/A
I saw this on a TV cooking show. Bacon jelly? Sounds funny, different, it's gotta be good, and it is. I spread a bit on top of a hot burger, covered that with cheese. Fantastic! The order arrived quickly. I will be back.
M. Allen, Farkington, NE
Wow!! this stuff is soooo good!!! Toss a smear on a burger or put a spoonful in some mac-n-cheese. OMG. Puts a great bacon spin on grilled cheese too. A lil pricy but so worth it.
Charles, N/A
If you like bacon, you will like this product! I found you can spread it on anything and it tastes better!
Amber, N/A
I have tried this several different ways and every way is so good well yummy and tasty. The first way I added it into my homemade salad dressing or better know as vinaigrette which was so so good hubby really loved it in there. Another way we tried it was putting some in the bottom of a skillet and frying burgers and steaks in it and the flavor it gave to these foods were perfect. I really love the smell of bacon jam plus the smell it puts through my house while cooking is great.
Michelle, Corvalis, OR
Arrived on time and it is delicious.
Caroline, New York, NY
was a gift. recipient said it was yummy!