Bacon Pancakes

Breakfast food is probably entirely overlooked on the scale of important meals. And we, at Bacon Freak, think this is an injustice! Breakfast is that meal where you can cheat and eat something that resembles more of a dessert than a hearty entree. We like that. Anytime we can break the "normal" foods law, we do; because bacon is a rebel all on its own. This is why we have created bacon pancakes! Pancakes and syrup go deliciously well with bacon so we decided that they should share a permanent union of marriage! Take a look at all the other marriages we have below, along with their wedding party. We guarantee pure, tasty bliss.

Bacon Freak Maple Bacon Pancake Mix and Bacon Bits
$13.14, 2 for $25.00, 4 for $47.56
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