Bacon Nation Cookbook

Bacon Nation Cookbook
Bacon Nation Cookbook - Click to EnlargeBacon Nation Cookbook - Click to EnlargeBacon Nation Cookbook - Click to Enlarge

125 Irresistible Recipes by bacon lovers for bacon lovers.

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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"Bacon Nation" costs less than a couple of paperback novels, and will bring you much more use and reading pleasure. A must-have for all bacon lovers, this cookbook will appeal to everyone, from novice home cooks to gourmet chefs, and everyone in between.

"Bacon Nation" defines bacon as "a true gastronomic star... that can elevate instead of dominate other foods." This respect for bacon results in recipes that highlight the versatility of bacon and its adaptability to all dishes, both sweet and savory. "Bacon Nation" has bacon appetizers, bacon entrees, bacon salads, bacon soups, bacon breakfast items, and of course it has plenty of bacon desserts. These recipes will appeal to the traditional, everyday home cook who fears branching out into new bacon lands, and the gourmet who loves to experiment and take bacon to haute cuisine highs.

"Bacon Nation" thoughtfully takes into consideration the fact that not all cooks have the same skill set in the kitchen. The recipes are easy-to-follow and include information that will allow inexperienced cooks to achieve perfect results. These 125 recipes will keep you experimenting with bacon for many, happy, bacon-filled years to come. Or at least until the sequel comes out. Hey, we can dream, right?

*Paperback 310 pages
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Daniel Boulud, -
"Peter and Marie are bacon masters! Their recipes highlight this versatile kitchen commodity as the star that it is, both in humble American crowd-pleasers and in surprising spins on European classics."
Mario Batali, -
"An ode to one of the most pervasive yet misused pork cuts. With recipes, tips, and histories, Kaminsky and Rama demystify the power of porcine joy in their genius signature voice."
Michael Symon, -
"There are not many people as passionate about food as Peter and Maria. In this book they did the impossible... they made bacon even better!"