Pay As You Go Monthly Bacon Club

Pay As You Go Monthly Bacon Club
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A fun and convenient way to sample our selections of gourmet bacon! Regardless of the number of months you choose, we will only bill you monthly.

Only Pay shipping once for your entire membership!

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Product Description

Who says you have to choose only one kind of bacon? That's just ridiculous. You should be able to try every flavor! The Bacon of the Month Club delivers 2 different packs of bacon to your door every month. Yes it's true. No need to pinch yourself; you're not dreaming. Hog heaven is right here, in this bacon-tastic club.

This bacon club delivers the best artisan bacon. Our bacon is hand-rubbed with spices like Cajun, Apple Cinnamon, Jalapeno, Honey BBQ, Maple, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bourbon, Sun-Dried Tomato, Pepper, and good ol' Hickory Smoked. Itís dry cured in a traditional method, so when you cook a pound of bacon, you get a pound of bacon. It doesn't shrink and splatter when you cook it, therefore you can fry it in the nude if that's your thing. We don't judge you here at Bacon Freak™, especially when it involves bacon.

The Pay As You Go Monthly Bacon Club allows you to designate how many months you would like to receive bacon. With this option, you can pay a monthly fee rather than one lump sum upfront. In your first month, you will get 2 different packs of gourmet bacon and a "Bacon is Meat Candy™ď t-shirt. Simply select your size at checkout. Each additional month, you will receive 2 more packs of our gourmet bacon.

The Monthly Bacon Club is available in 3 to 24 month deliveries and also in auto-renew. Auto-renew will allow you a continual number of months to get bacon delivered right to your door. We will charge your account every month until you e-mail us or call us to discontinue auto-renew.

*Our Bacon Freak Gift Box is not included, but you may add a gift box to your order during checkout.

This item does not ship outside of the United States. For Canada shipments, please see our Canada Pay As You Club Here

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Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:4.8
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Ashley Bilski, Fogelsville, pa
Bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! Very pleased!
The best bacon I have ever ate! I purchased this as a gift for my fiance for Christmas, turns out to be a gift for the whole family.
Laura, Cedar Falls, IA
I am so excited to give these Bacon-themed gifts to my husband, the man who has everything but also LOVES bacon! He will be so thrilled! And with the monthly club, he will have something to look forward to beyond receiving the initial gift!
Terrence, Southwick, MA
This is the third time I've ordered a Bacon of the Month Club for my brother-in-law and he's happy every time, except for the first time when I only ordered for 6 months and he was upset when the bacon stopped coming after the 6 months were up.
Mike Alciati, Winsted CT
Bacon is highest quality
Mike, Winsted, CT
Your Bacon is great!
Norma Ronquillo, El Paso, TX
This was a gift for my Husband. .Well he's not the only one that enjoyed the first shipment. We have a favorite so far, Sundried Tomatoes Bacon is so delicious! We can't wait for the rest. Baconfreak is awesome!
Mindy, Sioux City, IA
Love getting our bacon packages in the mail! Delicious and fun!
Crystal, Juneau, AK
We're loving it! The dog didn't even get a piece... and that's saying something : )
Melissa, Dutch Harbor, AK
The shipping is incredibly fast, even to remote Alaska, and the bacon is delicious. I purchased the Bacon of the Month club membership for my parents as a Christmas present and they thought that it was the perfect gift for those who have all they need.
Jason, Rosedale, NY
I am satisfied with my purchase.
Jamie, Highland Village, TX
Bacon arrived on time and freshly packed!! Sundries tomato wasn't for me but I heard that it would be great in a chili, omelette or something similar. The country smoked bacon was good as a breakfast bacon and on a BLT!!
Kristina, Bakersfield, CA
Price isn't too bad. Excited for next month's shipment!
Amber, Pensacola, FL
I never have to come up with a gift idea for my dad again. He LOVES bacon of the month, so all I have to do is renew it.
Mason, Austin, TX
Super stoked to receive this gift.
Mary Beth East, Kailua, HI
The first two months of our one year were good but, this past month, the delivery wasn't left at our house while we were gone so it sat at the post office over the weekend causing us to have to throw one of the packages away. When I called to ask about it initially, since we didn't receive the bacon on time, they weren't even sure if it was sent yet. I had received an email saying it was sent and that I could track it but mine of the tracking numbers worked. We really like the concept but since I'm paying so much, I really hope the rest are on time and that the tracking number works in the email sent.
Karin, Winthrop, MA
We loved the bacon! We'll be back for more.
Michelle, Arlington, VA
My husband enjoyed his Bacon of the Month Club. I got to try some too, and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you!
Ann, St. Louis, MO
Great Idea for a gift!
Drew, Tallahassee, FL
I am a proud bacon of the month club member, love your pork and highly recommend you to all my family and friends! Great customer service!
Chris, Vancouver, BC
Amazing and delicious.
Jana, Oakland, CA
Thank you. I not only purchased a Bacon Freakfeast for my brother-in-law, but my father-in-law (at my suggestion) purchased a bacon of the month club for my husband. We own several restaurants in Oakland, CA and my husband loves to cure his own meat and bacon. He had nothing but great things to say about the quality of the bacon we received from Bacon Freak. My father-in-law was highly impressed with the customer service. Thanks for helping to make our Christmas even more spectacular with bacon!