Bacon Loves Chocolate Bundle

Bacon Loves Chocolate Bundle

You Had Me At Bacon

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Self-Inflating Valentine Heart Balloon
Self-Inflating Valentine Heart Balloon
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Product Description

Now this is a Valentine couple worth admiring. Bacon and chocolate: together in perfect harmony. You don't need a date to enjoy this bundle. As a matter of fact, you're probably better off being single with this one. Because there will be more for you! Sometimes it's hard to share with someone you love. Especially when it comes to bacon. With milk and dark chocolate bacon bars, and your choice of milk or dark chocolate hearts, you have all the sweetness you need. You can always cuddle with your pillow; it won't care if you snore loudly and hog the bed. Forget about being alone! You're never alone with bacon. And who knows? Just by pulling out these chocolates when you're out on the town, you may find yourself surrounded by multiple prospective dates. We've heard that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. And when you add bacon into the mix, sparks will certainly start flying. Thank us later, you crazy love machine.

This Bundle Includes:
  • Dark or Milk Chocolate Hearts Flavored With Bacon - 5 pc.
  • Vosges Milk Chocolate Bar 3 oz.
  • Vosges Dark Chocolate Bar 3 oz.
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