Bacon Jelly Beans

Bacon Jelly Beans
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Bacon deserves a place in the jelly bean world.

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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The jelly bean is a candy loved by many. Because of its different flavors, there's one for everyone. But for far too long, other flavors have been cut out and put on the sidelines. So why not have a bacon flavored jelly bean? Bacon definitely deserves a place in the jelly bean world. For decades, the jelly beans sat there being snobs, only allowing fruit or dessert flavors to play on their team. But Bacon decided to come in and knock some sense into those fruity beans. It said, "Hey! People love me too! I can be an entree and a dessert! So you're going to let me on the team!" And because Bacon's point was valid in all aspects, the jelly beans banded together in one big, group hug and... the Bacon Jelly Bean was born. So get your own tin of beans and give them some respect. Bacon was a tough player and made these delicious beans possible. Pop them in your mouth and let your taste buds enjoy the bacon game.

Bacon Jelly Beans- 5 oz bag.
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Kathy, Orlando, FL
The person that I purchased these items for was "over the moon" and quite excited about what he received. I have every intention of purchasing from the Bacon Freak again in the near future.