Bacon Freak Reviews & Testimonials

Emma, Hyannis, MA
I was looking for a monthly liquor club but liquor can't be shipped to me. I was beyond excited when I stumbled upon Bacon Freak online because my boyfriend loves bacon as much as he loves whiskey, so this was a great alternative. I specified a ship date for two weeks from now so it won't come too early since the membership is a Valentines gift. The prices were much better than other monthly club memberships I found before finding Bacon Freak, and the coupon code was awesome. As of right now, I would definitely order from Bacon Freak again. I think he will be extremely excited about his 3 month membership.
Jenny, Baxter, MN
I saw an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that suggested this as a Valentine's Day being that my man is a bacon lover...I thought...perfect sweet treat to add to his gift. The packaging of the products is cute too.
Danielle, Carthage, NY
My daughter is an Apache Helicopter crew chief stationed at Fort Drum, NY. She loves bacon and I gave her a bacon of the month last year from a different supplier. This year, she will be deployed overseas before the last of a 3 month bacon of the month shipment would arrive so the Holiday package was a great option. After researching several suppliers, Bacon Freak's product, discounts, pricing and humor got my vote and business.
Tanum, Buckeye, AZ
Like the coupons they offered. Researched 5 bacon clubs. This had the least of the variety packs but price was better. Didn't want to spend a lot without not having tasted their bacon.
Cecile, Cumberland, RI
I was unable to use the correct coupon and when I called they were SO nice and helpful and corrected my mistake, they were outstanding.
Ronald, Sabattus, ME
Thank-you you have some really cool gift ideas I will definitely be back to order again!!!
Art, Crofton, MD
Quite possibly a danger to the universe. I worry about concentrating so many bacon products in one place for fear it may cause a pork-singularity of such magnitude that we may all be sucked into the bacon-dimension from which all these amazing products certainly originated.
Laura, Cedar Falls, IA
I am so excited to give these Bacon-themed gifts to my husband, the man who has everything but also LOVES bacon! He will be so thrilled! And with the monthly club, he will have something to look forward to beyond receiving the initial gift!
Mary, Baker, LA
The men in my family love bacon and I am excited to receive these gifts for them for Christmas!
Marianna, San Francisco, CA
I absolutely LOVE this site, everything the bacon lover could want and more, and there are LOTS of us out there!
Kim, Atlanta, GA
Bacon Freak is a great place for gifts for someone who loves bacon like my son does! Great Stocking Stuffers!
Stephen, Jacksonville, FL
Great site for bacon addicts like me and my girlfriend.
Mark, Liberty, MO
I searched for bricks and mortar stores that had this sort of product line and came up short. I'm quite happy to have found Bacon Freak online.
Lucy, Bloomfield, NJ
I wanted to get my nephew something special for Christmas...he loves...loves...bacon and all you can do with it ...I wasn't sure if there was a company that dealt with bacon lovers....and I was so so so happy to come across bacon is just what I was looking for to shop for him...variety is this company...thank you.
Ingrid, Marlborough, MA
I have a grandson who likes everything bacon and every year I get him a new t-shirt. The first one he wore to school once a week I have bought a variety of products over the years and am very satisfied.
Karen, Rainbow City, AL
My son-in-law loves "all things bacon" and this will be the perfect addition to the "bacon" box we are giving him as part of his Christmas present ! Thanks for such a great selection - we will definitely be purchasing again!!!
Candace, Deltona, FL
December 5,2015
Love the selection of unusual items for my bacon loving son in law. I can always find a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer or birthday gift for him. Never found another company like this. The item was delivered earlier than expected. Quality is outstanding.
Linda, New Britain, CT
December 1, 2015
Very happy with the company. I'm doing a BACON Christmas theme this year and I had a lot of items to choose from. Some of the prices were a little high compared to other sites but all in all I am extremely pleased.
Scott, Syosset, NY
December 1, 2015
We love this website and the products and it is the best gift for the bacon lover!
Ann, Sherman Oaks, CA
March 9, 2015
Bacon Freak is an excellent site, delicious products, great variety, easy ordering, well packed shipment boxes, and prompt delivery.
Alicia, Grand Rapids, MI
March 7, 2015,
I saw the bacon soda online and was intrigued. After viewing your site, I knew that I had to order my bacon-loving daughter items for her upcoming birthday. She will be so thrilled! I can't wait until the next birthday I need to shop for comes around, I already have that gift picked out from this site.
Allison, Kaysville, UT
December 15, 2014
Every gift I have purchased from Bacon Freak has been a huge hit! Who doesn't love BACON?? Especially when it's gourmet or covered in chocolate. Thank you Bacon Freak for making me the most popular person at the Christmas parties!
Linda, Corpus Christi, TX
December 4, 2014
My brother LOVES your products. I send him your bacon every Christmas since I found your website.
Daniel, Rotterdam, NY
December 4, 2014
Every year I order a sampler for my father. It's one of the most enjoyable gifts he gets for the Christmas time.
Lisa, Santa Fe, NM
December 2, 2014
I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the number of products available and the wide variety of flavors from which to choose. It will be a perfect gift for my bacon fiend...I mean friend.
Teresa, Lynchburg, VA
December 1, 2014
This my third year ordering gifts from bacon freak. Excellent service!
Amber, Pensacola, FL
November 28, 2014
I never have to come up with a gift idea for my dad again. He LOVES bacon of the month, so all I have to do is renew it.
Sandra, Las Vegas, NV
November 27, 2014
Second time ordering from here. I love the bacon, best bacon ever!!! Thank you for shipping to APO addresses!
Paul, Westfield, NJ
October 27, 2014
Bacon Freak is such a crazy site for people with a bacon fetish. Such a fun place. Can't stop laughing.
Robin, Lake Stevens, WA
October 26, 2014
Bacon is a necessity! Bacon Freak is a cool site with a lot of items not normally seen in stores.
Michael, Hershey, PA
October 24, 2014
I was very impressed with the selection. Plan on ordering in the near future as gifts.
Lawrie, Bend, OR
October 23, 2014
This is the second time I have used Bacon Freak and I have been very happy. My family does a gift exchange with another family that is always bacon related. This site has been very fun and have found some great bacon gifts.
Betty, Ontario, Canada
October 20, 2014
Unique bacon-based ideas for gifts & novelty items. I enjoy giving them to bacon-loving friends.
Dennis, Vero Beach, FL
October 15, 2014
I LOVE the selection of items that Bacon Freak has. I have recommended Bacon Freak to all of my friends and family. They love the T-Shirts that I get. There is something for EVERYONE at Bacon Freak. If you love bacon... then you SHOULD love Bacon Freak.
Michelle, Edgewood, NM
October 10, 2014
The customer service was awesome. I had trouble with my card and I called to place the order since it wouldn't take online. I talked with Brenda. It turned out to be a card problem and as I was trying to get the fraud alert off my card so that I could place the order, Brenda waited patiently and helped me through the whole thing. It was nice to know that even though my order was only 17 dollars I still got a billion dollar service. Thank you again!
Kathy, Fort McCoy, FL
October 8, 2014
Thank you so much for making my son's birthday a success. He loves bacon! I cannot believe how easy your bacon is to prepare; better for me, great taste for him. He was very impressed with the quality and quantity. I will be ordering from you again. Love your packing so it gets to you fresh!
Jennifer, Wausau, WI
October 1, 2014
We love bacon and are thrilled there is a website we can go to for it!!
Tammy, Fort Drum, NY
June 21, 2014
I want to thank the Bacon Freak team for being so awesome! I finally got confirmation that my soldier got his Bacon Theme Care package! Thanks so much for offering so many wonderful Bacon Products on the website!
Kathy, Orlando, FL
May 20, 2014
My coworker is a HUGE bacon freak and I can't wait to see his reaction to the items I purchased for him. This website had an amazing variety of items and I will recommend the site to my friends and family. What a fun place to shop!
Glenda, Corpus Christi, TX
April 9, 2014
All product descriptions on the website are written in a fun, easy going way... like a fellow bacon lover is right there telling you about it. Their character makes the shopping fun and really sets up the anticipation to receive the products.
Jonathan, Bothell, WA
March 31, 2014
Best online place for bacon!
Rob, West Point, MS
April 2, 2014
I used this site to buy bacon for myself and even gifts for others. They have a wide selection of bacon products and their website is very user friendly.
Victoria, Jefferson, MA
March 28, 2014
The Bacon Freak experience was fun and I got just what I was looking for. My favorite part was that they sent a personalized shipping and order message and told me they loved me! I love you too.
Chris, Roslyn Heights, NY
February 24, 2014
Bacon Freak is the best. They have bacon, lots of bacon. What's not to like?
Jana, Oakland, CA
December 16, 2013
Thank you. I not only purchased a Bacon Freakfeast for my brother-in-law, but my father-in-law (at my suggestion) purchased a bacon of the month club for my husband. We own several restaurants in Oakland, CA and my husband loves to cure his own meat and bacon. He had nothing but great things to say about the quality of the bacon we received from Bacon Freak. My father-in-law was highly impressed with the customer service. Thanks for helping to make our Christmas even more spectacular with bacon!
Amy, Alexandria, VA
December 14, 2013
This was a gift for my sister's family for our family tradition of having breakfast for dinner on Christmas Eve night. Product came as requested on 23rd, they were very pleased with the yummie gift! My brother-in-law at time of phone call was rereading his cookbook I bought also from BaconFreak and my 4 year old niece was awake from her nap and was in kitchen begging for a piece of bacon. I was told the bacon was the highlight of the meal. Thanks for great product!
Jennifer, Atlanta, GA
December 12, 2013
I read about Bacon Freak in a magazine publication and happen to have a Dad who absolutely loves Bacon. I am very impressed with the variety of bacon-related products that Bacon Freak has and believe that their prices are very reasonable). Purchasing and shipping processes are what you would expect from any online venue, and I am satisfied.
Patricia, Mesa, AZ
December 10, 2013
We've been very happy with Bacon Freak - and what's more important, the people to whom we have sent Bacon Freak have been very happy. THAT is, in the long run, what really counts. The best part is how pleased my giftees are with their packages. I like stores that make me look like a hero! Thanks for being dependable!
Crystal, Dixon, CA
December 2, 2013
This is the only place that I shop for my bacon fanatic husband.
Dave, Ashburn, VA
December 1, 2013
Bacon is the food of gods. Thanks for offering it in such an amazing variety.
Carl B., Pittsburgh, PA
October 25, 2013
Love Bacon Freak! Who am I kidding, I AM Bacon Freak! Everything about this site is AWESOME, from the merch to the ease of use to the discounts when you sign up and receive the daily/weekly emails. I highly recommend taking care of all you Bacon needs with one quick stop, at Bacon Freak!!
Robert S., Wichita, KS
October 7, 2013
Best site on the net hands down for anything bacon! A+
Coart, Oakland, CA
October 8, 2013
My items were actually ahead of the time I expected them to arrive, and the quality was superb, that means yummy!!
Joanne S., Sarasota, FL
October 5, 2013
Excellent customer service. I asked that delivery of my order be delayed. They were wonderful in assisting me. I was notified when it shipped. The order arrived when requested. All communications were timely and all info was accurate, plus the bacon is out of this world delicious!
Denise, Waukesha, WI
October 5, 2013
I thought their customer service was wonderful. They kept me informed about my order every step of the way. The products are delicious!
Janet M., Mattituck, NY
October 4, 2013
This is the best bacon I have ever had. Not too salty and I love the thickness. Cooks up Beautiful!
Bill V., Mohegan Lake, NY
October 2, 2013
I never knew that there were so many different types of bacon. Now I'll have to try them all!
Liz R., Boston, MA
September 27, 2013
Hilarious site, perfect for giving gifts for the bacon lovers in your life!
J.H., El Sobrante, CA
September 13, 2013
Good company, good prices, good service. When you need pork products delivered to someone's door, they're the place to go.
Marcia, Rochester Hills, MI
September 10, 2013
Awesome!! What a great gift for my uncle's birthday! He loved it!
James B., Tomball, TX
September 9, 2013
Products are great. Ordered different brands of the Hickory Smoked bacon and look forward to trying them all. Have cooked one already and if the others are as good the choice will be tough to decide which is the best.
Jessica W., Itasca, IL
September 8, 2013
Site was easy to use. I purchased two bundles for a birthday gift. Bacon brownies were a very unique item and I look forward to hearing how the person likes the bundle.
Bob, Franklin Park, IL
August 10, 2013
This is THE PLACE to shop for all your BACON goodies.
Marcia, Rochester Hills, MI
August 9, 2013
YUMMY!! Great website and awesome products!! A+
Marcus, Liberty, SC
August 7, 2013
The shipping time was super fast and the communication was great!
Albert, Hopwood, PA
July 12, 2013
I ordered several items shipped to my son-in-law while he was in Iraq and then again when he was in Afghanistan. Everything arrived perfectly. Therefore, I've had an AWESOME experience with Bacon Freak. It's the only place I shop for these types of goodies. This is my 3rd bottle ordered of the bacon-flavored olive oil.
Maureen, Hillside, IL
July 10, 2013
We are having our annual family reunion and this year's theme is: BACON. Four generations of Bacon Freaks. Epic. Can't wait to get our goodies!
Debbie, Flintridge, CA
July 2, 2013
Thank you for creating a website that is accessible for blind people. I use a voice application on my Ipad and has such good descriptions near its items and photos that it makes it easy to shop for a blind person. A lot of websites are not accessible because they have photos without descriptions.
Doug M., Pittsburgh, PA
June 26, 2013
I love this website, and I love bacon. This is a brilliant concept! I love, and will continue to love this website.
Sal, Scotch Plains, NJ
June 10, 2013
Best bacon on the planet!
John, Laramie, WY
June 2, 2013
Easy to navigate website. Love your images! When looking for a "guy-present," this is the place to come! Who doesn't love bacon? As long as your products are quality, I'll definitely be back. Looking forward to my order!
Angela Fowler, Georgia
May 22, 2013
I couldn't wait for my order to come, I was excited! When it got here my 3 sons were trying to decided who got what, totally ignoring the fact that there were others in the house that wanted to try it as well. Bottom line they LOVED it! We enjoyed the t-shirts I bought 5 or 6 just for my youngest son. He is bacon's #1 fan!
Tim, Rosendale, NY
April 4, 2013
Site has great ideas for porky-gifts and appears to deliver fairly quickly.Thanks, Bacon Freak!
Jim, Glenview, IL
March 29, 2013
I LOVE "BACON" and they are the "Creme of the Crop" in the World of "BACON"!! AMEN.
Jonathan, Duarte, CA
March 21, 2013
I think this company is awesome! My second time buying from these guys. Amazing quality, amazing taste, amazing everything! Worth every penny! Great job you're the BEST!
Hillary, Michigan City, IN
March 12, 2013
I love Bacon Freak, it's unique and my boyfriend loves the stuff I buy him from here. I can always find a good gift for any holiday for him and other guys like my dad or brother.
Margaret, Dallas, TX
March 11, 2013
I can't wait to continue shopping at Bacon Freak!
Judy, Huntsville, TX
February 17, 2013
Awesome exuberating delightful!!! I felt like the most important and loved customer ever!
James, St. Petersburg, FL
February 16, 2013
I had never heard of lamb bacon before; I can't wait to try it! You guys are the best at finding new and interesting things.
Melissa C., Colorado
February 11, 2013
What are some of my favorite ways to eat bacon? Is there a non favorite way? Love you guys!
Brandi, Evansville, WY
January 23, 2013
I enjoyed very much perusing the online catalog at Bacon Freak--some of the products made me laugh out loud. I bought my packages for a couple of beloved bacon freaks in my life--needless to say, they bacon-freaked out with joy! I look forward to purchasing more freakishness in the very near future--keep up the great work!
Mary F., West Virginia
January 10, 2013
You people were great. When I had a problem placing my order you up graded the shipping so that I got it in time. It was a gift for my cousin who is a total bacon freak and he totally loved the items I ordered.
Marian Purcell, California
December 18, 2012
The website was fantastic... My daughter will eat bacon before anything else and anytime, anywhere! I like it with breakfast and crumbled in dishes.
Angela E., Van Nuys, CA
Kayla T., Groton, CT
The website was easy to navigate and the selection of products is great.
Darryl A., Miamisburg, OH
I love my bacon hoodie, and the maple bacon popcorn was delicious!
Dr. William K., Raleigh, NC
So glad to find Great choices in product lines, wonderful customer support, and expedient shipping! I'll be back for more gifts...oink!
Calvin R., Helena, MT
Love the shirts!
Andrea G., Phoenixville, PA
The bacon is awesome, glad I got the jerky too!
Adam E., Overland Parks, KS
The service and selection were great, the ordering process was easy, and I love bacon!
Denise N., North East, PA
My parents, in their 80s', are hard to gift. But they actually commented on their bacon bundle from 2011! They were thrilled to receive more for Xmas 2012. The salsas are also delicious!