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Bacon Freak has been featured on a wide variety of Web Sites, here are some of our favorites.

Moorpark Acorn Mentions Baconfreak in this Article.
NY Daily News Mentions Baconfreak in this Article.
The L.A. Times Mentions Baconfreak in this Article.
Baconfreak was featured in this Food and Wine article.
Bacon Freak and CEO Rocco Loosbrock were featured in this Food & Poultry article.
Foodbeast.com features our Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball recipe.
The Bacon Chronicle reviews Boss Hog's Bacon Jerky!
Uber Apparatus reviews Bacon Freak's Bacon Jerky!
Our Bacon Spice Latte recipe was featured on ABC News's Good Morning America.
The Bacon Chronicle reviews Wine Expo's Bacon + Bubbly event, featuring Bacon Freak bacon!
Our Bacon Choco-Tots recipe was featured on Thrillist.com.
Bacon Freak was featured on Men's Health Guy Gourmet's Top Ten Bacons.
Foodbeast.com featured our Bacon Chocolate Guinness Challah Bread Pudding recipe!
Dudefoods.com reviews some of our awesome products.
The Bacon Chronicle reviews our International Bacon Day bundle.
Trash the necktie and get Dad a membership to one of these clubs.
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Yahoo.com's "The Bacon Freak Is Here: $1 Million per year from Bacon, a Sense of Humor and an Online Store."
Thrillist.com's "The 8 Subscription Clubs that are actually worth your money."
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