Bacon Chocolate

When it comes to bacon, anything goes. And we bacon connoisseurs like to live on the edge. We know the one thing that makes chocolate even better is the infallibly amazing: Bacon!

Here at Bacon Freak, we clearly love our bacon. But we have a little secret: we love chocolate too. So being the bacon freaks we are, we have combined chocolate and bacon! We know, it's pure genius. Chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate with bacon bits in it, chocolate-covered bacon brittle, bacon with chocolate and marshmallow. We really don't think we've gone overboard at all. Bacon + Chocolate. It's the perfect blending of two beautiful, yet opposite worlds; like tasting a beautiful sunny day and magnetic lightning storm all in one bite. Yeah, it's just that awesome.

Vosges Smoked Cinnamon and Sugar Bacon Bar
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Truffle Pig Easter Bites Assortment
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Hagensborg Truffle Pig - Peanut Butter Bar Bite Size
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