Bridgford Bacon Cheddar Pocket Sandwich

Bridgford Bacon Cheddar Pocket Sandwich

Ready to Eat Sandwiches: Perfect for an Apocalypse... Or if you're just really lazy.

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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Product Description

Of course we like all things bacon.

We also like to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Because face it... It's going to happen at some point. All of us here at Bacon Freak have been slowly preparing; engaging in survival workshops, endurance training, and snacking on lots of bacon for the high protein content. We also have these ready-to-eat sandwiches stocked up. They're Bacon in Cheddar Sandwiches. Good for three years, they were originally developed for the United States Military, and while tested, received one of the highest marks for a new MRE (Military Ready to Eat) product introduction. They are also incorporated into the Military's "First Strike Ration". But enough of all that boring stuff. It's bacon and cheddar!

If they're good enough for the Military, they should be perfectly adequate for the zombie apocalypse. And in the meantime, we're pretty sure you can use them while you're backpacking, camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, boating, or caught in any natural disaster. (Like zombies.) Or if you're just really, really lazy. Whatever the circumstances are; you need these bacon in cheddar bread sandwiches. Stock up now. You don't want to be left wondering how you're going to cook your neighbor's dog, Muffy.

•3-Year Shelf Life if Stored at 80°F or less; may be stored at 100°F for 6 months
•No heating required
•Approved by the U.S. Military
•3.1 oz.
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