Bacon Brittle

Confections are good. When people think of confections they think of sweet things like pastries, chocolate truffles with creamy fillings, and dainty candied fruit cups. But at Bacon Freak, we think of Bacon. So we decided, being the food regels we are, we would create a confection with gusto: Bacon Brittle! We've pumped up Granny's brittle recipe with more than just nuts; we've added the meat. That's right, each sweet confection of peanut brittle we have infused with pieces of savory, salty bacon. We even decided to dress up some of our brittle like it's going to the ball by covering it with chocolate. Chocolate covered bacon peanut brittle. Now that's what we're talking about! Our convections will beat up any competitor. They're just that awesome. Get some and see what the fuss is about.