Ass Kickin' Bacon Cheddar Peanuts

Ass Kickin' Bacon Cheddar Peanuts
Ass Kickin' Bacon Cheddar Peanuts - Click to EnlargeAss Kickin' Bacon Cheddar Peanuts - Click to Enlarge
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Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
Boss Hog's Bacon Flavored Seasoning
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Looking for the ultimate nutty, cheesy, bacony snack? Well congrats, you've just found it! Made with cheddar cheese and real bacon flavor, this savory snack will kick your behind with its awesome flavor! Some people say that a serving of nuts is a good thing to eat each day... And with the recent news that bacon will help you live longer, well, you just can't go wrong with this snack. A handful a day keeps the doctor away. But with their addictive cheesy flavor, eating only a handful will be the tricky part...

Each canister contains 12 oz. (340 g).
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Overall Rating:4.5
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Gift, Tucson, AZ
Gave several items from my grandson to my son for Father's day. They arrived a day early. When my son opened the box he laughed. The bacon jerky looked good, as did the peanuts, bacon cheese sticks and peacon bacvon snacks. Both the boss hog and Cajun bacon appears to be much fattier than what we're use to, but he will give it a try. Nothing has been consumed at the time of this review. Now had this review request been sent about a week later some of the products would mst likely have been tried and as more accurate review written.
Margie, Moorpark, CA
I love the selections. I'm sure my husband will enjoy his father's day gift!