4 Pack Bacon Combo

4 Pack Bacon Combo
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Bacon Freak's Fall Recipe Collection
Bacon Freak's Fall Recipe Collection
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We happen to believe that four packs of bacon are better than just one. And four different kinds of bacon are definitely better than two. Come to think of it, we just believe that more bacon is better! And this Four Pack Bacon Combo says it all! With four different flavors of bacon, you can sample just a small part of our bacon world. Or hey! Maybe that isn't enough! Maybe you want six... or twelve! (And of course we have six and twelve packs! More is always better, isn't it). Get your four pack today! Flavors vary from photo according to availability and season.

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Customer Reviews
Overall Rating:4.7
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Missy, Tallahassee, FL
Their was one flavor i did not care for but my daughter loved it so overall its a good value.
Lara, Chicago, IL
Great bacon, much better than anything from the supermarket lol.
Jim, Atlanta, GA
enjoyed the bacon.